All Inclusive Surf Trips

(Feb 10th - October 26th)

We offer specialised surf trips, accommodating surfers and sharing our experience of the incredibly diverse coastline of South Sumatra. As most Sumatra surf camps are situated in front of Ujung Bocur or in Krui, Mandiri Beach offers a more secluded option in between the two. The Camp is run by three surfers Tim, Chris and Dan. There's always at least one of us here to share our favourite surf spots and to have a few beers with the crew at night. Our all inclusive surf trips run from March 12th through to October 27th. However, the camp is now open 12 months / year. Check out the prices page for the schedule and more info.

New to the camp is South Sumatra's only skate ramp. Whether you want to risk your precious ankles or just chill and watch with a beer, the vibe round the ramp in the evening makes for a great setting to tell stories of the days waves and wipe outs.

The Waves

Although the Krui surf scene is unestablished, surfing in sumatra gives you access to world class waves without the crowds. Whether your a couple looking for a pristine, Sumatra beach to kick back an relax, or a frother with the sole goal of surfing your brains out, you couldn't ask for more. Just slip into your boardies, walk out the gate and jump into the warm Indian Ocean.

Click here for more details on some of the waves in the area and an up to date, South Sumatra surf report.

What we offer

We offer 10 or 20 day Surf trips. Both include, return airport transfers from Bandar Lampung, your accommodation and 3 large meals / day. Unlimited tea, coffee, filtered water and high speed internet via WiFi are also included.

All our guests will get an organised, hassle free trip with as much surfing as possible. Our Maxiumum capacity is 10 guests at one time ensuring our focus is on you. Breakfast, lunch and dinner comprise of a selection of local / western meals. We can also cater for vegetarians upon request.


10 day, all inclusive trip $750 / person
20 day, all inclusive trip $1400 / person

Main Season


(AU$ 850)

  • Feb 10th – 20th
  • Feb 20th – March 1st
  • March 1st – 11th
  • March 11th – 21st
  • March 21st – 31st
  • March 31st – April 10th
  • April 10th – 20th
  • April 20th – 30th
  • April 30th – May 10th
  • May 10th – 20th
  • May 20th – 30th
  • May 30th – June 9th

Peak Season

(June 9th - Aug 28th)

  • Aug 28th – Sept 6th
  • Sept 6th – Sept 16th
  • Sept 16th – Sept 26th
  • Sept 26th – Oct 6th
  • Oct 6th – Oct 16th
  • Oct 16th – Oct 26th

Peak Season


(AU$ 900)

  • June 9th – June 19th
  • June 19th – June 29th
  • July 9th – July 19th
  • July 19th – July 29th
  • July 29th – Aug 8th
  • Aug 8th – Aug 18th
  • Aug 18th – Aug 28th